Soon you'll be able to read more about my latest project from the course

4. Semester / User Experience Design

Currently, my team and I are trying to simplify the daily life of forest workers. Actually we are working on solutions to improve the communication between foresters, forest workers and the district office.


We started our research by interviewing our user groups. We did interviews with the forester of Mutlangen near Schwäbisch Gmünd and with future forest workers at the forest training centre in Gschwend.

trainees forest workers

apprentices forest workers


They told us about their normal work day and also about some things that are not yet working perfectly and therefore need improvement.

workspace in our "Prototyping Lab"

Code Snippet


We started collecting and clustering all information in our beloved "Prototyping Lab".
We used Design Methods like Affinity Diagram, Empathy Map and Idea Towers to develop our ideas.

Prototype: digitalized Kluppe



Based on our research and the meetings with our lecturers we decided to improve the whole process of data transfering and organisation in the tree harvesting.
For this, we need to improve the device of the forest workers, they use a so called "Kluppe" for measuring the felled trees. Thereafter we built a first functional prototype. We have digitized the "Kluppe" to use the measurement data further.
We have used an Arduino Uno together with a distance sensor.

App Prototype in Adobe XD

Prototype App

Forester's App

As said before we want to improve the whole process of data transfering and organisation in the tree harvesting.
So we also thought about the foresters. At the moment they use a device called PSION (it looks like a big old phone with a small keyboard) to note down the trees to be felled. For this part of the project we work on a "redesign" of the PSION device. But not in a way of a hardware prototype, because our interview partner told us he has a smartphone for work anyway.
So we develop a App for the forester, in which he can insert his trees as before, but is supported by the application. We have used Adobe Eperience Design for building the User Interface.

Soon you will be able to read more about the progress of this project here. This is still work in progress.

Michael Ognew, Jonathan Bölz
Partners: Dominik Fink, Jana Seemann